What Does a CPC Freightliner Module Do?

A CPC Freightliner module is an essential part of your vehicle. It is responsible for monitoring and controlling more than 100 different functions within the vehicle.

Freightliner Cascadia trucks have CPC modules; these are computers controlling the engine and other important functions of the truck.

The majority of cars and trucks today are controlled by microcomputers controlling what goes on under the hood as well as other functions of your vehicle like traction and fuel economy. There are different computers manufactured that are in control of different areas of the vehicle, to make things a little more complicated, the same computers have different names depending on who you talk to. CPC stands for Common Powertrain Controller and is also synonymous with the PCM which stands for Powertrain Control Module. Whether you refer to it as a CPC or a PCM, this computer is absolutely vital for the smooth running of your Freightliner Cascadia vehicle.

A Freightliner CPC allows the vehicle to perform optimal gear shifts and have good engine performance, it controls timing and fuel efficiency. The CPC constantly monitors your vehicle via sensors found around the vehicle that send data to it. It checks the readings it receives with set parameters that are stored within its memory. Within the CPC, sets of data for specific applications. These include idle speed, maximum running speed, and speed limitation. If the data it receives is not comparable it will make an adjustment and at the same time, it will log an internal fault code that can be retrieved by a diagnostic engineer. When the CPC is unable to make the correct adjustment, it turns on the corresponding error light which signals to the driver that there is a problem.