What Exactly Is a CPC?

Thanks to modern technology today’s vehicles have computers controlling what’s going on under the bonnet. If you have a Freightliner truck, the computer that is responsible for your machine running smoothly and efficiently is the CPC, the Computer Powertrain Controller.

CPC and PCM are often used interchangeably. PCM stands for Powertrain Control Module, whichever term you use, this computer is a vital place of equipment in every vehicle, car, or truck.

A Freightliner CPC monitors and controls over 100 different functions. The CPC coordinates functions of the engine and the transmission It allows the vehicle to perform optimal gear shifts, have good engine performance, and control timing and fuel efficiency. The CPC can make rapid adjustments when monitoring numerous inputs from various sensors found around the car. It has onboard parameters stored, that it compares the readings to. If it is unable to make a change to rectify the signal, or there is a problem, it turns on the corresponding error light, so that the driver is warned there is a problem. It also logs an internal fault code that can be retrieved by diagnostics.

If you find that your check engine light is constantly on and other warning lights, like traction control, you may need Freightliner CPC repair. Other signs that your Freightliner CPC is faulty include: losing fuel economy, the truck needing multiple attempts to start and stuttering and stalling whilst idling.

The 2 main causes of CPC Freightliner failure are: voltage overload or environmental factors, such as: corrosion, extreme heat and vibrations. Problems due to extreme heat or vibration are usually repairable as they cause microcracks in the circuit boards.

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