Common Failure Signs And Symptoms Of CPC4 Module

Your CPC4 controls many different parts of your truck based on the information it gets from the sensors that are located around the vehicle. When it is working normally it will take this information, analyze it and use it to make sure your truck performs as efficiently and smoothly as possible. If an issue develops with your CPC4 the data will not be analyzed properly and different parts of the vehicle can receive the wrong signals, and you will see symptoms and signs that there is something wrong. There is a range of common symptoms that are seen when a repair is needed.

Because of the complexity of the CPC4 function, it can be difficult to determine what is wrong as it controls so many areas, your vehicle can be telling you there is something wrong with the fuel injection when in fact there is a problem with the module.

Common Signs of CPC4 Failure

  • Intermittent Cylinder Misfires

The CPC4 controls the engine timing so this is a strong sign that there is a problem.

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light

If this light comes on it means there is something wrong somewhere, so you need to get your truck looked over,

  • Failure to Start

This can be due to An improperly-balanced fuel-to-air ratio or improper engine timing, A short in the wiring harness

  • Irregular Shifting

This is usually due to a faulty sensor or water damage

  • Loss of Gas Mileage

This could indicate that there is a problem with your air to gas ratio,

  • Failure of Gas Emissions Test

This can be due to a problem with your gas to air ratio.

If your module is damaged and your truck is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you need to get your truck checked over by professionals, if the problem is left you could end up with a truck that won’t start at all.