Chicago CPC4 Repair
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1 Hour Exchange

If you have a damaged CPC, a tight deadline, and can't afford to waste a day fixing it, our 1-hour replacement service is perfect for your needs. We will replace your damaged module with a fully operational CPC4 and program it to your truck's VIN within 1 hour. This will allow you to continue your journey without long, inconvenient delays.

Repair and Restoration

Our repair and refurbishment service takes your damaged CPC and restores it to "working like new" condition. We make a complete analysis of the entire module and its components. We replace damaged parts, and those that are still functional but will need replacing in a while, we also replace with new ones. The service takes between 24 and 48 hours. All our services come with a 3-year warranty.

About Us

Meet Our Company - Chicago CPC4 Repair

At Chicago CPC4 Repair, you can find the CPC4 modules for Freightliner Cascadia trucks. In addition, we offer you a professional repair service for CPC4 modules Chicago.

We are experienced, qualified and certified specialists. Using the combination of modern technology, state of the art tools and technical expertise, we promise complete customer satisfaction and quality, reliable repairs. Brand new CPC4 are difficult to source and expensive. We can save your money, stress, and time by repairing and restoring broken CPC4 modules.

When the repair is finished, they function as well as new. We’re focusing on customer service, quality repair, and quick turnaround. Don’t waste money on poor repairs. Come to people who know what they’re doing.

About CPC4

What Is a CPC4 Exactly?

Modern vehicles have evolved so much over the past century, today’s vehicles are far higher in complexity than the original first motorcars. We now have the benefits of computers making our cars run smoothly. The Computer Powertrain Controller (CPC) is one of the computers that you can find in your truck.

It coordinates functions related to the engine and truck transmission. It also provides information about problems with the truck.

It monitors numerous inputs and makes rapid adjustments when needed. If it cannot make the required changes it will turn on the corresponding error light to notify the driver that there is an issue.

Service Area

We Serve The Entire United States!

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to buy a new CPC4 module and it’s very expensive. We’re one of the few specialists who can help with CPC4 repair, so we get modules from all over the US and even Canada. Our workshop is located in Rolling Meadows near Chicago but if you are far from us – write, call and we will determine how we can help you with the repair.


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We buy CPC4 cores. If you are interested in selling your CPC4 module
Part Numbers

CPC4 Module Replacement Part Numbers

We have a variety of parts for exchanges, and we can also repair these parts if you are having problems. As well as the CPC4 module, there are various other PCM and other control parts that we can repair or refurbish for you. We have listed the model numbers so that you can be sure it is the exact part that you are looking for or are in need of repair.

  • A0034461002 / 001
  • A0034461002 / 002
  • A0034461002 / 003
  • A0034461002 / 004
  • A0034461002 / 005
  • A0034461102 / 002
  • A0034461102 / 003
  • A0034461102 / 004
  • A0034461102 / 005
  • A0034461202 / 001
  • A0034461302 / 001
  • A0064463402 / 001
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Chicago CPC4 Repair

Can A CPC4 Be Repaired?

The CPC4 can be repaired, but it requires high electronics repair skills. The CPC4 acts like the brain of your truck and monitors and controls the systems in the vehicle. If it malfunctions, different problems with a truck will result.

If you have problems with your CPC4, it is important to get help from a specialist. He will be able to read the error code using specialized diagnostic equipment and thanks to that will see what the issue is with the CPC4.

There are classic symptoms
of CPC4 Freightlighter Chicago failure:

Engine start issues

No accelerator pedal response

Random engine shutdowns

CPC reads as a different module (reads as CPC2, TCM, etc.)

CPC Hardware Failure Fault Code

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+1 (630) 827-3968