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1 Hour Exchange

Exchange Your Broken CPC4 Chicago Module In 1 Hour!

If you’re on a tight deadline and your CPC stops working, what are you going to do? You don’t have time to sit around all day waiting for it to be repaired. Our 1-hour replacement service is just what you need. We will replace your damaged CPC4 and have a fully operational CPC4 module programmed into your truck‚Äôs VIN within 1 hour and you can be on your way.

Chicago CPC4 Repair

Can A CPC4 Be Repaired?

If you have extensive experience with electrical devices, you can fix the CPC4. When it comes to monitoring and controlling the truck’s systems, the CPC4 module is like the brain. Different truck issues might arise if it fails to perform properly.

Seek expert assistance if you’re having issues with your CPC4 Freightliner. With the help of diagnostic tools, he’ll be able to decipher the error message and figure out what’s wrong with the CPC4.

There are telltale signs of a failing CPC4 Freightlighter Chicago, including:

Trouble Jumping Starters

There is no reaction from the accelerator when pressed.

Disabling of Engines at Random

CPC Freightliner is interpreted as a separate module (reads as CPC2, TCM, etc.)

Hardware Error Code in a Freightliner CPC